lunes, 30 de julio de 2007

Your last breath in me

Like dark clouds you left moist sorrow around me
Just breathing at times my heart seams to float.
Not the same,
but not worse.
Lilac scents are just a dream now
Pondering till they come and take me too.
The right thing,
the right time,
just in time.

Boiling thoughts soothe me once more,
then bring me ice.
Not what I needed, not what I wanted,
just a marshmallow of what I thought was for me.
All was lost
between here and there
Hard addiction taking place.

My red inside no longer recalls
the leaves swaying in your wind.
The tingly spice is gone,
Still, I cant find a better way
to fly.... yet.

Time to let go,
if only.
An eternal geyser of bubbly memories
comes out when you least expect it.
To see you in your sleep again
would be my time
to say goodbye to you
and every inch that i used to love
Lets say goodbye, head to toe

© Liza Lindmark

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